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Miscellaneous Policies 

Fax Machine

Patrons may use the library fax machine as a sending and receiving station during normal library hours.

  1. Users will be charged $.10 per page for faxes sent in the US and Canada, unless the number is a local or toll free (800, 888, 877,866,855) number. For International faxes sent the fee is $5.00 per page. International calls are determined if a country code is necessary to make the call. There is no charge for a fax cover sheet when sending or receiving.
  2. There is a $.10 per page charge for faxes received.
  3. All fax messages will be kept confidential. However, a staff member may be required to read some of the material in order to determine the recipient of the fax.

Die-Cut machine

  1. Must be used in the library
  2. Patrons must bring their own supplies and are responsible for cleanup of areas and equipment used
  3. Patrons are responsible for replacement cost of any damaged dies

Copy Machine

A copy machine is available on each floor. Black/white copies are $.10 each. Color copies are $.25 each. The library assumes no liability for improper patron use of copyrighted materials.

Equipment available for public use:

  1. Overhead projector
  2. e-readers
  3. Screen
  4. Scanner – in library only
  5. Smart Board
  6. Projector
  7. Lap tops – in library only

Accidents and Emergencies

If an accident or injury occurs on Library property, it should be reported in writing. This includes patrons, staff and anyone else who may have an accident on the property. As much information about the exact circumstances of the accident should be gathered. Incident report forms are available at each circulation desk. One should be filled out no matter how insignificant the injury may seem.

Community Service workers

The Union County Public Library will attempt to provide duties for community service workers whenever there are persons who need to work such hours, but UCPL also reserves the right to turn away such workers when there is no suitable work, or if there is any question as to the suitability of the worker for the library. Community service workers must show up on time, give advance notice of their arrival, carry out the work assigned in an efficient and courteous manner, and let the library know how many hours they are required to work, in order to be allowed to work at the library.

Notary Public

Notary public service is provided at no charge. This service is subject to the availability of the notary public on staff.

Patron Concerns

All patron complaints and concerns regarding the library building, policy, materials selection, and staff are taken seriously and addressed promptly by the Library Director and/or the Library Board of Trustees.

Proctoring Exams

Library staff will proctor exams for local resident cardholders as staff time permits. There is no charge for this service but students will be responsible for all costs associated with taking the exams including, but not limited to, postage, fax charges, and copying charges. The library is not responsible for ensuring that the student takes the exam by the due date.


Tutoring is permitted in the library and conference room as long as it does not interfere with other patrons’ use of the library.

Unattended Children

Children under the age of eight (8) may not be left unattended in the library at anytime, including during programs, except for selected programs with parental consent. If child (ren) is left after hours, the staff member will contact the police. The library does not assume the care of, custodian of or control of your child (ren).

If a staff member observes or suspects abusive, threatening or harmful behavior towards a child or another person, the staff member is empowered to intervene in the situation up to and including contacting the police.


The Union County Public Library welcomes volunteers of any age but does not accept any liability for the health or safety of the volunteer for actions which are the volunteer’s own doing. Volunteers are utilized to perform routine tasks, which can be easily taught and remembered; or special projects tailored to talents the volunteer may possess. They may also be asked to assist a staff member in his/her duties or to help supervise at library programs. There is not always a task waiting for a volunteer but every attempt will be made to find a task when there is a person willing to give his/her times to help the library.  Volunteers may be subject to background checks.

 Weather Closing

Under most conditions, the library will open and remain open according to its regular schedule. The library will close whenever government officials declare a weather emergency and people are asked to stay off the streets and highways. Whenever the library will not open or will close early due to weather conditions, local radio and television stations will be called; when feasible, people scheduled to use the meeting room will be contacted and a special message will be recorded on the library’s phone recording.

When the weather becomes particularly hazardous during a workday, the director or librarian-in-charge may decide to send some staff home as a safety precaution. Staff who come to work and are told to go home early will be paid as though they worked their full schedule. A staff member who makes a personal decision to either not come in to work or to leave early due to weather will not be paid for the time.  If the library is closed due to weather or related emergency, staff scheduled will be paid according to their scheduled hours.