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Union County Indiana is one of the smallest counties in Indiana covering only 162 square miles.  Rich in farmland and natural resources, Union County boarders the state of Ohio.    The county was established 1821, formed from three other counties:;  Franklin to the south, Wayne to the north and Fayette to the west. The Greenville Treaty Line dissects the three western townships making the sections it dissects  look “fractured”.

Union County was used as a “stepping stone” by many pioneers heading toward the western lands.  Families came to the area, lived a few years and then moved on when land opened up farther west.    It was the birthplace of Generals, beauty queens, artists and one little girl that became a world famous “orphant”.   The county is mostly agricultural with a few small factories.  It is the home of Whitewater State Park and the entryway to the Brookville Lake Reservoir.   Union County may be small in Indiana, but we are big in history.

A Few Facts About Union County
  • Union County is divided into 6 Civil Townships as follows: Brownsville, Center, Harmony, Harrison, Liberty and Union.
  • Union County was organized February 1, 1821.
  • That Liberty wasn’t always the County Seat.
    • Brownsville, located in the northwestern part of the county, was the first County Seat.
    • Due to agitation started within a year of establishment of the first County Seat, in accordance with the legislative act of December 21, 1822 the County Seat was moved to Liberty, a more central location, the change being made in 1823. First settled in 1822 by S. Jennings, C. Burkhalter and E. Burnside, by 1849 Liberty contained 110 houses (seventeen of which were brick) as well as a Courthouse, Jail, Public Offices, County Seminary, Market House, a Methodist and Christian Church, five dry goods stores, one drug store and twenty-one shops for various merchants; the population at this early date was 370 inhabitants.
  • The Brownsville Covered Bridge (built in 1840) is now in Bartholomew County, Columbus, located on a pond in Mill Race Park.
  • According to the Society of Indiana Pioneers, an individual was a pioneer of our county if they resided here on or before December 31, 1825.
  • Indiana automobile License Plates issued in Union County start with the prefix 81 because it is the eighty-first county in alphabetical listing.