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Borrower Policy

Borrower Registration

A library card will be issued at the time of registration. Patron cards must be presented when a patron borrows material. A patron cannot use another patron’s card to borrow material.

Application for a borrower’s card requires that the borrower allow the library employee to see the borrower’s driver’s license to establish identity and show proof of residence. In lieu of a valid driver’s license, a piece of mail showing the applicant’s name and current address is acceptable. Children are eligible for library cards when they are five years of age.

When the prospective registrant is under 16 years of age, the driver’s license or other identification of a parent, or legal guardian is required. If the parents or guardian cannot accompany the child to the library for a card, a letter of responsibility will be given to obtain the signature of the parent or guardian. Whoever signs the application will assume responsibility. These letters will be kept on file.

If a borrower’s card is lost, a replacement card can be obtained for a $2.00 fee.

Prospective borrowers who do not reside in Union County may register as patrons in Union County, provided they pay a non-resident fee of $60 per individual, or $100 per family per year.

All materials returned to the library will be checked for damage or overdue fines. Patrons are responsible for lost or severely damaged materials. Any materials damaged during circulation or missing accompanying materials will be charged the shelf list price plus the cost of processing. The patron has the option of purchasing or replacing similar material at the discretion of the Library Director.